ADA Compliance Markings

ADA Compliance Markings

In Texas, business owners have the responsibility of making sure that their properties are accessible for everyone. Increasing accessibility on your property makes more people feel comfortable visiting your business, and you’ll find that accidents decrease when visitors have safe spaces to walk, use their mobility devices or unload from a van using a wheelchair ramp. Figuring out the in’s and out’s of ADA compliance markings can get challenging, since you’ll need to comply with federal, city and state regulations all at the same time. Our unique knowledge of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex is our key to success with planning ADA compliant parking lot designs that improve access for people with disabilities.

What is the Minimum Number of Accessible Parking Stalls to Include?

One of the first things property owners tend to ask about ADA compliance striping is how many accessible spaces they need to include in the parking lot layout. As a general rule, most businesses will need one accessible space for every 25 parking stalls when the lot allows for 100 or fewer vehicles to park.

However, this number changes once you begin talking about larger parking areas with more stalls. There are also ADA space requirements that are based upon the type of facility that you manage. Naturally, a senior residence community or medical facility will need more accessible spaces than what you might expect to include at a general grocery store.

What Factors Are Included In Planning for ADA Compliance Markings?

The number of spaces isn’t the only thing you need to consider when you plan for ADA compliance striping. The ADA and Texas regulations also include specifications for the size of the handicap accessible spaces along with their location.

You’ll also need to plan for the right amount of space for loading zones along with the need to accommodate larger vehicles such as handicap-accessible vans. Specifications for proper signage are also included in ADA-compliance plans. Our team is experienced with helping to plan for ADA parking sign installation that meets all of the regulations for the height, symbols and terminology included in this aspect of the lot design.

How Do Contractors Help Plan for ADA Compliance Markings?

Businesses and organizations are just as unique as the people they serve. That means our team determines ADA-compliant parking lot striping needs by performing a complete assessment of the current space allotment and business plan to identify details such as the shortest route from the parking lot to the entrance to the building.

When our contractors meet with you, we’ll ask about the number and location of entrances to the building, type of business your company conducts along with other pertinent questions to gain insight into what your parking lot needs to not only comply with regulations but exceed people’s expectations for accessible parking options.

Find Out If Your Parking Lot Striping is ADA-Compliant

Advanced Texas Striping is proud to help businesses make parking lots accessible for everyone. Our in-depth knowledge of federal, city and county regulations makes it possible for us to provide ADA compliant markings throughout the DFW metroplex that include pavement stencil markings, fire lane striping and a parking lot layout that increases accessibility for your valued customers. Our other services include parking lot striping, parking lot re-striping, commercial striping, warehouse striping and industrial striping that upgrade your property. To make sure your parking lot is ADA compliant, give us a call at 817-600-5975 or fill out our online form to get a free assessment and quote.


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