Parking Lot Striping

Parking Lot Striping

The parking lot is one of the largest and most noticeable parts of the exterior of your business. Old and faded parking lines and markings are unsightly, and they can also create a safety hazard on your property. Our parking lot striping services provide business and property owners throughout the DFW metroplex that includes Tyler, with the opportunity to keep their lots compliant with local and federal regulations while creating an inviting space for customers.

What Are the Benefits of Parking Lot Striping?

Asphalt striping is essential for making sure that your business complies with federal accessibility regulations along with local fire codes. Yet, there are also benefits to arranging for lot striping services that can help you increase your company’s revenue.

Creating defined parking spaces helps you to direct drivers to park their cars in organized rows that allow you to extend the use of the space. Eliminating the issue of crowding in the parking lot helps you to provide ample room for everyone who wants to visit your business.

Reducing the risk of accidents also helps you to avoid unnecessary and expensive lawsuits. Parking lot striping contractors can include directional markings along with feature such as crosswalks that prevent pedestrian and vehicle accidents.

How Often Should You Redo Parking Lot Striping?

Most parking lot striping services will fade to reduced visibility around 18 months to two years after the original painting. But, there are many factors that impact how long the striping will last. Our striping contractors take actions that prevent premature fading, such as thoroughly cleaning the surface and removing any old paint that could cause confusion with the new striping.

You can also look for these signs that it is time to do parking lot re-striping:

  • The visibility is reduced by more than 25%
  • Obviously peeling or cracked paint
  • Recent sealcoating that covers up the old lines
  • A need to alter the current layout

What Elements Should Be Included in a Parking Lot Layout?

Parking stall lines are the most noticeable element included in lot striping layouts, but there are so many more types of marks that you might need to ensure safety on your property. Our contractors can help you determine the right amount, sizes and locations of accessible parking spaces you need for ADA-compliance.

We are also familiar with the local fire codes in your area to create no-parking zones. We’ll also analyze your parking space to help you identify any other types of markings you may need, such as directional markers to help direct the flow of traffic where you want it to go.

Advanced Texas Striping is proud to provide the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex with safe fire code and ADA-compliant parking areas. Our parking lot striping and re-striping services also include fire lane striping, pavement stencil markings, trucking facility striping, industrial striping, and commercial striping along with parking lot layout planning that ensures ADA-compliance. Give us a call with all of your parking lot striping and power washing needs at 817-600-5975 or request and estimate with our online form.

Give Your Parking Lot a Face Life With Our Advanced Re-Striping Services

We design new parking lot layouts and provide parking lot line striping and re-striping services to complete the project. Our team at Advanced Texas Striping is also familiar with warehouse striping and warehouse markings for safety along with the best practices to use for commercial striping, industrial markings and trucking facility markings. We are especially great at making sure that parking lots are fire code and ADA-compliant and can provide you with a wide range of stencil markings to create a customized design. Give us a call for all of your pavement striping and marking needs at 817-600-5975 or you can complete our online form to get your free quote.


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