Parking Lot Re-Striping

Parking Lot Re-Striping

parking lot re-striping Making a good first impression on your company’s customers involves rolling out the welcome mat with a freshly painted parking lot. If you’ve ever pulled up to a worn-out lot with faded markings, then you know just how bad that first impression can go. Our parking lot re-striping services allow property owners throughout the DFW area, including Southern Oklahoma, Arlington and Frisco, to give the most visible part of their outdoor area a major update.

Why Should You Arrange for Parking Lot Re-Striping?

Re-striping a parking lot is a lot like giving it a face lift. The beauty of freshly painted lines is noticeable from the adjacent streets, and people are attracted to businesses that emphasize their desire to make a positive impact on the community.

Aside for pure aesthetics, parking lot striping services also help to maintain your company’s ADA-compliance and ability to meet essential fire codes and other regulations. If an accessible parking space’s stripes and markings fade beyond visibility, then you could face serious penalties.

How Do You Know When It’s Time for Parking Lot Re-Striping?

On average, lot striping should last around one to two years. You’ll want to check for signs of fading, chipping and blistering that indicate the paint is reaching the end of its life span. Our striping contractors will also recommend re-striping when the marks have lost a quarter of their visibility, and you’ll need to have the striping redone after sealcoating projects.

What Can You Do to Make Lot Striping Last Longer?

The life span of parking lot striping is impacted by factors that may be out of your control, such as the weather and the amount of heavy traffic that drives through the area. But, you can do things that include arranging for power washing to help reduce how long corrosive materials might sit on the paint. Choosing to work with a contractor that uses high-quality paint is the best way to make sure the line striping lasts as long as possible.

Can You Redesign the Layout Before Re-Striping?

A huge part of our lot striping services includes consulting with you to determine whether or not you need to make any changes. Since our paint can last several years, we typically recommend thinking ahead to ensure that any potential future needs are included in your lot design. Whether you are thinking about adding on to your building and increasing the need for additional accessible parking spaces or would like to update a pre-existing layout on a property you just bought, we’re here to help you get the most out of every inch of the available space.

Get the Cleanest Lines With Our Advanced Line Striping Technology

At Advanced Texas Striping, we don’t cut corners when it comes to creating the cleanest, longest lasting parking lot striping lines that you’ll see throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. We use our state-of-the art equipment in all of our services, including parking lot striping and re-striping, parking lot layout, warehouse striping, ADA-compliance markings, commercial striping, trucking facility striping, industrial striping, fire and striping and pavement stencil markings. We’re here to update your parking lot striping when you give us a call today at 817-600-5975 or request your free quote online.


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