How Does Parking Lot Striping Improve Traffic Flow?

How Does Parking Lot Striping Improve Traffic Flow?

Parking lots with a steady flow of traffic are safer, and creating defined lines makes it easier for drivers to know where to go. Parking lot striping makes it possible to direct the flow of traffic without having a person physically waving people through the space, but it does take some planning to get it right. Parking lot striping Dallas TX business owners use should include some of these strategies for improving the traffic flow in busy areas.

Provide Safety Information With Parking Lot Striping

A Dallas parking lot striping contractor should always prioritize safety before anything else. If the traffic in your lot seems chaotic, then it is possible that drivers can’t identify essential safety markers. A parking lot striping service can help you to paint stop lines at intersections along with directional arrows that make what a driver needs to do to stay safe clear.

Create Clearly Defined Pedestrian Walking Areas

Planning for traffic flow in a parking lot also requires taking pedestrians into consideration. Dallas striping contractors can use their paint to create crosswalks and other pedestrian walking areas that are highly visible to everyone. Showing pedestrians the safest places to walk not only prevents accidents, but it also stops drivers from having to slow to a complete crawl to make room for people who are walking in the driving lanes.

Guide Drivers to the Correct Places With Bright Parking Lot Striping

Have you noticed drivers looping around your lot looking for accessible spaces or pick-up zones? If so, then adding fresh striping can make specific areas clearer. If your company has created special spaces for customer pick-up orders, then highlighting the stalls with differently colored paint can stop people from having to loop back around. Making accessible spaces bright and clear helps you stay ADA compliant while also allowing for visitors to quickly identify the best places for them to park.

Influence the Use of Space With Properly Angled Stalls

Parking lot striping contractors put great care into their planning for the angle of stalls. Both straight and angled parking stalls have their advantages, and the right choice for your lot depends greatly upon how you want to manage the flow of traffic. Stalls set at a 90-degree angle allow for traffic to flow better in both directions, but you might prefer angled parking for lots where you prefer to encourage a one-way flow of traffic. Our striping company can help you determine which angle is best for your lot’s size, shape and capacity.

Take the Guesswork Out of Improving Traffic Flow With Professional Layout Planning

Advanced Texas Striping is adept at creating parking lot layouts that promote safe and efficient traffic flow. With our agreed-upon design in hand, we’ll put down the parking lot striping and re-striping along with any required ADA compliance markings. We can also provide you with warehouse striping that improves productivity and traffic flow in indoor environments. When you call us at 817-242-9543 or email us at, we’ll take a look at your property’s details and give you a free quote that helps you start improving the efficiency of your parking lot.