What Are The Common Colors for Parking Lot Striping?

What Are The Common Colors for Parking Lot Striping?Striping a parking lot is one of those asphalt maintenance services that makes a dramatic difference on a property. Seeing brightly colored lines and other pavement markings attracts people to the parking lot, and every mark we make is designed to increase safety by raising pedestrian and driver awareness of the appropriate places to walk and drive. Choosing the right colors for parking lot striping also requires awareness of what certain hues mean to people along with knowledge of the local laws that regulate certain markings.

Why Should Parking Lot Striping Use Consistent Colors?

People tend to stay the safest when they know what to expect. Seeing bold white lines on a driving path instantly reminds people to look and stop for pedestrians. A Dallas parking lot striping contractor will often recommend choosing colors that are known for representing specific actions, such as red for areas where you want people to stop or avoid parking their cars inside.

Blue is another popular color that is typically used to highlight accessible parking areas, and green is rising in popularity as being the ideal shade to emphasize eco-friendly parking and charging stations.

Do Texas Codes and Regulations Require Specific Parking Lot Striping Colors?

Dallas parking lot striping does require you to follow certain regulations. For example, the Texas Fire Code requires fire lanes to be marked with reflective red traffic paint that defines the boundaries along with the words, “NO PARKING-FIRE LANE” using four-inch white letters every 25 feet.

Although ADA regulations don’t stipulate a specific color, using the standard blue and white designs helps you to emphasize your property’s compliance. Plus, your customers will have no problem finding an accessible place to park when they see the defined lines and accessibility symbol.

Can You Choose a More Personalized Striping Color Scheme?

Property owners have a lot of freedom regarding the colors they choose for their parking lots. Customized color layouts are especially common for warehouse striping, since companies often need to highlight highly specific spaces such as where employees store hazardous materials.

Personalized lot striping plans are also a fun way to emphasize your brand’s logo or color scheme. Adding bright colors throughout the space can attract attention to your parking lot as people drive by.

How Does a Pavement Striping Contractor Achieve the Brightest Colors?

An asphalt striping service is only as good as the paint that goes down on the pavement. Quality striping contractors choose paint that is manufactured by brands that are known for their durability.

Choosing reflective paint helps to ensure that it stands out, even at night. You’ll also find that using the best paint in the industry results in bolder colors that are resistant to fading for longer.

Get the Boldest Colors With Advanced Texas Striping

Advanced Texas Striping specializes in creating pavement markings that are crisp, clear and colorful. Our main claim to fame is our striping work, and we provide assistance from start to finish with our parking lot layout planning services that include keeping your property ADA-compliant. For a colorful effect, both inside and out, we also offer warehouse striping along with parking lot re-striping to freshen up older pavement. Just reach out for your free job quote today at 817-318-6552, or complete our online form to get started on selecting the ideal colors for your lot striping project.