How Long Will Parking Lot Striping Last Before A Re-Stripe?

How Long Will Parking Lot Striping Last Before A Re-Stripe? Parking lots with fresh, clear striping are safer and more likely to attract visitors. Parking lot striping serves more than just the purpose of showing people where to park their vehicles. The pavement markings can also include symbols that point out accessible parking spaces along with crosswalks and directional arrows. Once the markings begin to fade, they may no longer be as effective for helping people to stay safe or utilize the parking lot properly. Knowing when to plan for parking lot restriping helps you to schedule services before the lines are too hard to see.

What Is the Average Amount of Time for Parking Lot Striping to Last?

Dallas parking lot striping can last for one to two years, but there are multiple factors that can affect the longevity. Parking lot striping companies should use high-quality paint and equipment that help the striping to adhere to the pavement and resist damage from heavy traffic. However, heavy exposure to extreme weather, large amounts of traffic or corrosive chemicals could cause the striping to fade closer to the one-year mark.

How Can You Check to See If It’s Time to Re-Stripe?

It’s time to call for a parking lot striping service once you notice that the line striping or other markings have lost 25% or more of their visibility. You might notice that the stripes are harder to see at night or that they are barely detectable during a rainstorm. Chipping and cracking are also signs that you need to re-stripe. Most striping contractors recommend checking the lines when they are around one year old. If they’re still good, then you can check every six months thereafter.

How Does Faded Lot Striping Impact Traffic?

When it comes to striping parking lot traffic patterns can also indicate when it is time to repaint. Cars often begin to park over faded lines, and you might notice that the parking area is no longer orderly. The same is also true regarding the flow of traffic. If people cannot see directional arrows, crosswalks and other markings, then they’ll fail to drive as safely as they did when the lines were fresh.

Are There Other Times When Re-Striping Is Necessary?

Sealcoating and other forms of pavement maintenance and repairs can cover up lot striping to the point that it is no longer visible at all. When you plan for a major maintenance service or resurfacing, then you’ll also want to ask your parking lot striping contractor to re-stripe. This is often the best time to reassess the layout to determine if you need to add more accessible spaces or make changes to the traffic flow pattern.

Know Who to Call When It’s For A Re-Stripe

Advanced Texas Striping is a Dallas parking lot striping company and we are equipped with laser guided equipment that results in crisp parking lot striping lines. If we’re doing parking lot re-striping, then our laser guides help us to repaint directly over the old lines to prevent driver confusion from multiple lines being in one space. We also offer assistance with warehouse striping, parking lot layouts and ADA compliance markings. Give us a call today at 817-600-5975, or you can fill out our online form to begin getting your free quote for line striping.