The Absolute Guide to Parking Lot Re-Striping

Businesses often invest a lot of time and money into updating the interior of their property. While it is true that your customers will notice when you’ve freshened up the floor layout or changed the interior paint colors, there is one area that you might be overlooking that makes a big impression on customers. Parking lot re-striping gives the largest exterior surface on your property a major update that customers notice, and knowing how to plan for adding freshly painted lines and markings gives you an edge on attracting people to your company’s doors.

What Leads to a Need for Parking Lot Re-Striping?

Lot striping in Dallas should last for one to two years, and the process of deterioration greatly depends upon how much traffic drives over the lines. Friction and heat from rolling tires can eventually wear down even the highest-quality of paint. Dallas striping contractors can also use special types of paint that provide protection from the hot sun and heavy traffic.

Why is Planning for Parking Lot Re-Striping Important?

Faded lot striping can lead to lawsuits from car and pedestrian accidents, but ignoring the need to repaint can lead to even more issues. Certain types of parking lot striping help your company to stay in compliance with fire codes and ADA regulations. If an inspector can’t see the lines for a disability parking stall or fire lane, then you could face stiff penalties. Even worse, customers often avoid parking lots that are confusing or feel congested. Making sure that directional markers and parking stalls are all clearly defined makes customers feel comfortable visiting your business.

What Are Things to Consider When Planning a Re-Striping Project?

When you reach out to our team about Dallas parking lot striping, one of the first things we’ll ask is if you are happy with the current layout. Since we use quality paint that lasts for years, now is the ideal time to decide if you want to change the number or sizes of spaces on the lot. You’ll also want to consider the need to use paint that stands up to heavy traffic and increases visibility at night. The reflective paint we use for our parking lot striping services helps to increase visibility for late night drivers and any emergency vehicles that might need access to your property.

Give Your Parking Lot a Face Life With Our Advanced Re-Striping Services

Advanced Texas Striping designs new parking lot layouts and provides parking lot line striping and re-striping services to complete the project. Our team at Advanced Texas Striping is also familiar with warehouse striping and warehouse markings for safety along with the best practices to use for commercial striping, industrial markings and trucking facility markings. We are especially great at making sure that parking lots are fire code and ADA-compliant and can provide you with a wide range of stencil markings to create a customized design. Give us a call for all of your pavement striping and marking needs at 817-600-5975 or you can complete our online form to get your free quote.