Is Red Line Striping Required In Dallas, TX?

Is Red Line Striping Required In Dallas?
Fire lanes are designed to provide first responders with fast and unblocked access to buildings, and red line striping serves the important purpose of making sure that firefighters and others can quickly identify the space. People who visit your parking lot can also use the striping as a reminder to avoid leaving their car in a no-parking zone. Knowing when and how to keep your property in compliance with state and city fire codes helps you avoid fines while also doing your part to promote safety in your community.

When Are Fire Lanes Required?

Fire lanes are typically required on parking lots and around buildings that are located within a certain distance from public streets. In addition to the requirements for parking lot striping in Dallas / Fort Worth, you’ll also want to pay close attention to other details that include the location and width of the fire lane along with its height. A red line striping company can help you plan for the right places to include the fire lane markings.

What Are the Requirements for Red Line Striping in Texas?

Planning for red line striping in Dallas begins with taking the state fire codes into consideration. According to both state and municipal fire codes and regulations, you’ll need to plan to mark fire lanes with red line markings that are six inches high using reflective paint. The lettering used to mark the space as a no-parking zone and fire lane should be in four-inch white letters.

Keep in mind that there are sometimes additional requirements to follow. For example, red line markings should be placed vertically when they are painted on a curb.

How Do You Know When It’s Time to Redo Red Line Striping?

The requirements for fire lane markings don’t provide specific guidelines on when to repaint. However, they do make it clear that red line striping should be highly visible and free of flaking and chipping that could render it hard to see.

You’ll want to arrange for a parking lot striping service to inspect the fire lanes every one to two years, or anytime you see noticeable fading and other kinds of damage. Working with a red line striping company that is knowledgable of the local city codes and regulations helps you to ensure that your parking lot is always ready to receive a fire marshal’s approval.

Get Your Property Up to Code With Red Line Striping in Dallas

As a veteran-owned business, Advanced Texas Striping takes pride in knowing that our red line markings help first responders act quickly to keep everyone safe on public properties throughout the DFW area. To complete your property’s safety plan, you can also work with our crew on a new parking lot layout design, arrange for warehouse striping and get ADA-compliant markings. For the boldest, brightest parking lot striping and re-striping colors around, all you have to do is give us a call at 817-242-5783 or fill out our simple online form to get a free quote.