What Are the Dimensions for Parking Lot Striping In Dallas?

What Are the Dimensions for Parking Lot Striping In Dallas?People tend to overlook just how well-planned and organized the average parking lot is in Dallas. Take a moment to imagine just what might happen if a parking lot had randomly scattered parking stalls of all different sizes. Preventing this type of haphazard scenario begins with a contractor carefully planning for the right dimensions for parking lot striping in Dallas, and this overview gives you a glimpse of just how much thought goes into the perfect lot layout.

What Factors Impact the Dimensions for Parking Lot Striping In Dallas?

Choosing the right dimensions for parking stalls helps to maximize the use of the space. In some cases, parking lot striping dimensions are also regulated by federal and state laws.

Contractors use the parking lot layout design to determine how long to make specific lines. They’ll identify where the standard parking spaces exist along with their angle to make judgements on how much space to create for the aisles. Dallas parking lot striping also requires different dimensions for handicap accessible spaces, which also goes into the plans.

What Are the Typical Measurements for Parking Spaces?

For parking lot striping Dallas contractors generally use a standard size of nine by 18 feet. Parking stalls for compact vehicles may fall within the range of seven and one-half by 15 feet to eight and one-half by 16 feet.

The parking lot striping dimensions also include creating aisles that have enough room for one or two-way traffic along with space for vehicles to move safely out of angled or straight parking stalls. The average space for aisles along straight-in parking stalls is a minimum of 22 feet. Angled stall aisles are usually about 16 feet wide.

How Do You Handle Accessible Spaces While Doing Parking Lot Striping In Dallas?

Creating accessible parking spaces that comply with ADA regulations is a priority when you plan for a parking lot striping service in Dallas. ADA parking stalls in Texas must be a minimum of 96 inches wide and allow for access aisles that provide an accessible route to the entrance of the building.

When you plan for parking lot striping in Dallas, you may also want to work with your contractor to plan for alternative accessible parking spaces during the time that the striping is being completed. Once the re-striping is finished, you’ll need to continue working with your contractor to make sure that all barriers are removed as soon as it is safe to do so.

Choose a Striping Company That Takes the Guesswork Out of Measurements

Advanced Texas Striping combines the latest technology with our experience and expertise to create the perfect dimensions for parking lot striping. Each of our parking lot layout designs takes into account factors that includes the need for ADA compliance markings along with other state and local ordinances. We apply the same care and precision to our warehouse marking services. Whether you are ready to make some changes while re-striping or are striping a brand new surface, we’re here to give you a free quote when you call us at 817-242-5783, send a quick email to mark@atstriping.net or fill out our online form with your details.