Parking Lot Striping in Dallas – Five Things You Probably Didn’t Know

Parking Lot Striping in Dallas — Five Things You Probably Didn’t KnowParking lot striping in Dallas is so commonplace that you may have never seen an unstriped, unmarked lot. You have probably given the various lines and markings little more than a passing thought. However, striping and marking parking lots combines technical knowledge and an artistic touch to produce the best results. Here are five things about parking lot marking and striping that you probably did not know.

Did you know that parking lot striping in Dallas is a relatively modern development?

As a matter of fact, back when automobiles were becoming increasingly commonplace, drivers had to master the art of parallel parking. Over time, businesses and municipalities began setting aside land for parking, but these were seldom paved, so there were no parking lot stripes or markings. Furthermore, most of these lots were not self-parking. At the entrance to the lot, drivers handed over their keys to an attendant, and the attendant was responsible for parking and retrieving their vehicles.

Did you know that parking lot striping in Dallas typically needs to be reapplied every two years?

Dallas parking lot striping is exposed to strong sunlight, harsh weather, and high volumes of traffic. In most cases, painted lines and markings lose more than 25% of their original visibility within two years, making them extremely difficult for drivers to see. Restriping parking lot asphalt pavements is also necessary after sealcoating, which has a similar life expectancy in Dallas. Therefore, it can be to your advantage to choose one company to provide both your sealcoating and parking lot striping services.

Did you know that the choice of paint for parking lot striping in Dallas is critical?

Parking lot striping companies have access to a wide variety of paints that could potentially be used for lines and markings. The choice of paint can depend on several factors, including whether you have an asphalt or a concrete parking lot, the age of your pavement, and the type and volume of traffic you receive.

Did you know that parking lot striping in Dallas enhances your curb appeal?

There is something about crisp, neat parking lot stripes and markings that many people find aesthetically pleasing. Conversely, faded, oil-stained, or cracked markings are considered unsightly. Whether they are right or wrong, most people base at least part of their overall perception of your operation on the curb appeal of your property.

Did you know that parking lot striping in Dallas improves safety?

Marking and striping parking lot pavements can help prevent auto-pedestrian accidents, door dings, and collisions. When people know where and how to park, how to navigate your parking lot, and where it is safe to walk, minor and major mishaps become less likely.

Bonus: Did you know that Advanced Texas Striping is a veteran-owned parking lot striping company serving the metroplex as well as other locations in Texas and Oklahoma?

We are a veteran-owned and -operated family enterprise with an impeccable reputation. We use only the best products and the latest technology to ensure superior results on every project. In addition to striping and restriping parking lot pavements, we offer warehouse striping, parking lot layout, and ADA-compliant markings. To request a free quote, call our office in Sanger at 817-600-5975, fill out our online form, or email