How Long Does It Take For Parking Lot Striping Paint To Dry?

How Long Does It Take For Parking Lot Striping Paint To Dry?Parking lot striping is a necessity for giving visitors to your property a safe and organized place to park their cars. Quality striping should last for at least one to two years, but you’ll need to plan for the service anytime you put down fresh pavement or do sealcoating. Re-striping is also necessary anytime the lines begin to fade or crack or when you need to reconfigure the layout. Several factors impact how long it takes the striping to dry, and taking a look at each one helps you know how long to keep cars off the pavement.

Does the Type of Parking Lot Striping Paint Impact the Drying Time?

Most of the time, lot striping begins to feel dry within under 30 minutes, but parking lot striping contractors might ask you to keep cars from driving on it for a little longer. The type of paint that the parking lot striping company uses does make a difference regarding the drying time.

Water-based paints are a common choice for asphalt pavement, which tend to dry faster than oil-based ones. A Dallas parking lot striping company might also use thermoplastic striping, which can be ready to drive on within minutes.

How Does the Weather Affect How Long It Takes Parking Lot Striping to Dry?

The drying time for parking lot striping in Dallas can be impacted by the weather, but it shouldn’t cause much of an issue. Lot striping paints depend upon the evaporation process to dry out, which means that it might take a little longer on days with high humidity. Your local striping crew should be able to tell you how long to wait to let cars back onto the pavement based upon the day’s weather conditions.

Will the Parking Lot Striping Company Use More Than One Coat?

Some parking lot striping contractors may try to do one coat in an effort to save time, which might be fine on certain projects. However, you’ll likely need more than one coat of striping when you’ve just done sealcoating, and applying two coats can help prevent chipping and flaking that shortens the life of the markings. Allowing a little extra time for two coats to dry is preferable to needing to redo the striping within a few months.

Work With a Lot Striping Company That Values Your Time

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