Before DIY Parking Lot Striping In Dallas, Consider This

Before DIY Parking Lot Striping In Dallas, Consider ThisArming yourself with a can of spray paint and a ruler might seem like an easy way to do parking lot striping on a budget. While the best contractors make parking lot striping in Dallas look easy, the truth is that there is much more that goes into this job than making a few lines. Before you tackle this DIY project, take a moment to consider these questions that will help you determine if doing the striping yourself is worth the effort involved.

Is Prep Work Required for Your Parking Lot Striping in Dallas?

Even high quality paint will flake off if you try to do striping on a heavily soiled surface. Parking lot striping companies often recommend services such as sealcoating or crack repairs before they make any lines. At the very least, you’re going to need to do some serious pressure washing to lift up any oils that stop paint from adhering properly.

Can You Measure and Mark the Right Dimensions?

A parking lot striping layout typically follows specific standard dimensions for the spaces along with the lanes where people drive. You’ll also want to make sure the spaces are at the right angle for people to turn into and back out of properly.

A professional parking lot company knows how to plan for Dallas parking lot striping that maximizes how many cars can fit in the space without being overcrowded. Working with a parking lot striping contractor that uses computerized laser guided equipment also means that every parking space will be the correct size.

Are You Able to Meet the Requirements for Parking Lot Striping In Dallas?

Parking lots often sit on private property, but there are several important laws and ordinances in place that are designed to protect the people who drive and park at buildings that are open to the public.

Lot striping in Dallas must meet local codes along with federal regulations regarding ADA-compliance. Failing to include the appropriate size and number of accessible spaces could cost you money down the line if you get hit with fines.

Do You Need the Lot Striped Quickly With Minimal Disruptions?

Painting parking lot lines by hand takes more time than you might like to spend. Take a good look at the size of your parking lot, and consider that you’ll need to measure and mark off each line using tape. Then, you’ll need to carefully paint each line, and most striping jobs require two coats. Parking lot striping companies can finish the job in hours while a DIY project could take several days.

Skip the DIY Headaches by Working With Our Parking Lot Striping Company

The desire to attempt a DIY project is admirable, but our team at Advanced Texas Striping can help you avoid costly mistakes. We already have the most state-of-the-art equipment in our fleet along with quality paint for parking lot striping, warehouse striping and re-striping projects. Our ability to prepare parking lot layouts that include ADA compliance markings also helps you to avoid expensive fines. Don’t spend another minute trying to figure out how to DIY. Instead, give us a call at 817-600-5975 or fill out our online form to get a free quote.