Pavement Markings In Dallas, TX And What They Mean

Pavement Markings In Dallas, TX And What They Mean Most people study pavement markings intensely to prepare to get their driver’s license. After that, it’s common to follow the arrows and lines instinctively without thinking much about what they mean. Now that you’re preparing to mark a road or parking lot, you might be thinking more deeply about what you need to include in the layout. Understanding what the pavement markings in Dallas, TX mean helps you make sure that no line, dash or symbol is left out of the design.

What Do the Colors Mean For Pavement Markings in Dallas, TX?

If you’ve ever driven, walked or rode a bike on Texas roads, then you’ve already seen the colors used for Dallas pavement markings in action. When it comes to roadways, a pavement marking company uses specific standard colors that provide the same meaning from state to state.

Typically, yellow markings will designate areas where traffic is moving in opposite directions. White lines signify that traffic in those lanes are moving in the same direction. Occasionally, you’ll see red lines on pavement that usually indicate no-parking zones or areas that are designated for emergency vehicles.

What Do Broken Vs. Solid Lines Mean In Pavement Markings?

A broken yellow-line going between two lanes of traffic typically means that you can enter the other lane to pass another vehicle when it is safe to do so. In certain areas, you might see a solid center line with broken yellow lines indicating which side of the road is able to pass at any given time. If you’re adjacent to the broken lines, then you are free to pass when there’s not any oncoming traffic.

In general, solid lines mean that it is important to stay in your current lane. While you’ll never want to cross over a double yellow line except under special circumstances, you might be permitted to cross over a single yellow line to turn into a driveway from a center lane. Similarly, a normal solid white line serves as a discouragement from crossing into a different lane. However, a double white line means that you shouldn’t cross for any reason.

What Are Common Symbols Used for Pavement Markings in Dallas, TX?

Texas pavement markings also include symbols that can help designate certain lanes as being for specific types of traffic, such as diamonds representing areas that are meant for HOVs. Parking lot markings may also include crosswalks along with symbols that mark spots as being ADA-accessible.

If you’re unsure of what to include on your road or parking lot, then the pavement marking service that you choose should be willing to help you identify exactly which ones you need. A pavement marking company in Dallas should be familiar with the requirements for fire lanes, accessible spaces and designated no-parking zones to ensure you are always in compliance with local codes and ordinances.

Get Help With Planning for Pavement Markings On Your Lot or Roadway

At Advanced Texas Striping, we always say that a little advance planning goes a long way towards making sure every striping and marking job is a success. As part of our parking lot layout service, we offer consultations that include us coming to your property to assess the traffic flow patterns and other details that affect the pavement markings you need to include in your parking lot striping, re-striping or warehouse marking project.

We also have the ability to make ADA-compliant markings along with fire lanes and other essential symbols that help your property stay up to code. Give us a call at 817-600-5975 or fill out our online form to start the process of getting your free pavement marking quote.